Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date November 3
Birth place Ukraine Ukraine

Status Alive
Fighting style Retuinskih's System ROSS
Weapon Deadly Gloves

Arkane-7 is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as hidden character in Dragon Fighter III. He is the leader of the Shadaloo Troopers.



Arkane-7 is brutish, unfeeling, and overall psychotic, barely talks and usually expresses his delight in watching others suffering through maniacal laughter and smirks.

Before been engaged in the Shadaloo Troopers, he has undergone rigorous physical training. His main mission is eliminating the United States Air Force.

He wears military clothes with a symbol of sliced scorpion on his back of his uniform. One of his peculiarities is that he always wear a gas mask since Rolento crippled him in the chin, due to this he can't breathe.

During fights he wears a pair of "Deadly Gloves" made of an electromagnetically stunning material with gauntlets provided with little flamethrowers.

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