Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date December 12
Birth place Taiwan Taiwan

Status Alive
Fighting style Tang Lang Quan and Sanshou
Ki power Fire

Chowa is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Dragon Fighter III. He is a teen-ager boy raised by his mother and never knowing his father's identity, but grapevine says that his byological father could be M. Bison.



Chowa is a shy boy with an inner struggle. Usually as a bit of a gag, he's often nervous around women with the exception of Mei-Xie (for being kind and compassionate with him). Every day Chowa fights off his evil side and tries to get out of the shadow of his "alleged" father. He is not proud of his heritage and refuses to refer to M. Bison as his father, stating him to be "that man" or "that person". Chowa is also very compassionate, offering to help those in need.

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