Gender Male
Race Genetically Modified Human
Birth date April 25
Birth place Mexico Mexico

Status Alive
Fighting style Shoot Wrestling
Ki power Lava

Dino is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as hidden character in Dragon Fighter II Turbo. He is a famous wrestler wearing a tyrannosaurus mask.



Dino is a famed star in the wrestling world who has gained exceptional favoritism amongst the children audience since his debut. He is one of the "chosens" for Gill, leader of Illuminati Organization. He managed to escape from this organization and he has found refuge in Canada where he works in an orphanage as a janitor durin the day, and, at night he become a wrestler, wearing a tyrannosaurus mask, to help fund and support this orphanage. He later team up with Marysthell as tag-partner in his wrestling career. He has the ability to create violent and dangerous attacks that utilize lava and volcanic eruptions. He was inspired by Tiger Mask and his name is the diminutive of Dinosaurio which in Spanish means "Dinosaur".

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