Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date June 6
Birth place Hong Kong Hong Kong

Status Deceased
Fighting style Chinese Martial Arts

Dorai is a non-playable character in the Dragon Fighter series. He is the father of Chun-Li who disappeared during a mission to uncover the drug-trafficking arm of Shadaloo. It is implied that he was killed by M. Bison, which is the source of Chun-Li's vendetta with Shadaloo. However, his body has never been found, so his ultimate fate cannot be confirmed.


Dorai was a martial arts master known to be one of Lau's students, and both he and Lau trained Chun-Li in martial arts from an early age.

He was a Hong Kong police officer with a strong sense of justice. During an investigation to capture the leader of the crime organization Shadaloo, he went missing, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

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