Dragon Fighter II Hyper Fighting was the second and last official update to Dragon Fighter II: The World Warrior. It was the first one released on PlayStation.


Dragon Fighter II Hyper Fighting gave the game a complete graphical overhaul and introduced ten new playable characters. It allowed players to play as the four previously non-playable bosses.

This update also introduced various modes that would become staples to the series. These include Survival mode, Team Battle mode and Time Attack mode. Survival mode takes the player through an endless number of matches to see how many opponent they can defeat without being defeated themselves. In addition, any health lost during a match will carry over to the next match, but the player would regain a little bit more health. Team Battle mode is a two-player mode which up to eight characters can be selected by each player. Like Survival mode, any health lost during a match will carry over to the next match, but the player will regain a small amount. Time Attack mode is similar to Arcade mode, except it is played to see how fast the player can go through it and beat records.


Dragon Fighter II Hyper Fighting was met with many positive reviews and was the first PlayStation game to sell over a million units. Guinness World Records awarded this game with multiple records in the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008. These include, "First PlayStation Game to Sell Over One Million Units", "First Fighting Game To Feature Simulated 3D", as well as a record for the entire series as "The Best Selling Fighting Series for PlayStation Consoles".

Character Roster

Names in bold denote hidden fighters.

New Entries

Returning Characters


  • Balrog (first sub-boss, unlockable with Umakashte)
  • M. Bison (final boss, unlockable with Sagat)
  • Sagat (third sub-boss, unlockable with Vega)
  • Vega (second sub-boss, unlockable with Balrog)



  1. Chizuru is unlockable ending Story Mode with all default character and each mid-bosses except bonus characters.
  2. Shin Akuma is unlockable winning the final round of the in the 4th fight of the Story Mode with a "Great". The player will challenge Hayate on the 5th stage.
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