Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date January 27
Birth place UK United Kingdom

Status Alive
Fighting style Boxing

Dudley is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as non-playable character in Fighting Fist, then as playable character in the original Dragon Fighter. He is a well-mannered English boxer with a disdain for dirty fighting.



Dudley's personality as a dandy British boxer is possibly based on real-life boxer Chris Eubank, an eccentric Jamaican-English champion famous in the late 80s and early 90s, whose trademark attire included a monocle and bowler hat.


Dudley is polite, gentle, restrained, and always behaves as an impeccable gentleman and has immense respect for all his opponents. However, he particularly dislikes truly dirty fighting and rude people, both of which are unacceptable personality traits of Dudley's rival and fellow boxer, Balrog. Despite this, he won't even insult him or any other villain he faces, fitting in perfectly with the gentleman's gentleman archetype.

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