El Fuerte
Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date October 29
Birth place Mexico Mexico

Status Alive
Fighting style Lucha Libre

El Fuerte is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Dragon Fighter V. He is a Mexican luchador and chef, traveling the world in an effort to perfect his Lucha Libre skills and hone his cooking abilities.



El Fuerte's mask bears a remarkable resemblance to El Santo's, one of Mexico's most influential and iconic Luchadores enmascarados (masked fighters). It is possible that El Fuerte's backstory is inspired by the title character from the film Nacho Libre, who is a terrible chef who decides to become a luchador, although said title character improved as a cook during the film, as he earned more money for better ingredients.

One of El Fuerte's concept alt. costumes looks similar to that of WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio, specifically the attire used during his Wrestlemania 22 entrance.

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