Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date Unknown
Birth place Japan Japan

Status Deceased
Fighting style Shoto-Kan Karate and Bojutsu with Ansatsuken techniques
Ki power Fire and Thunder

Goutetsu is a non-playable character in the Dragon Fighter series. According to the backstory, he was the martial arts master of Gouken and Akuma, who trained them in the martial art style they used. The style would become the basis of Ryu and Ken's fighting style.


At young age, he was Ichiro and Umakashte's fellow student.

Prior to the events shown in the Fighting Fist, Goutetsu was challenged and killed by his own student, Akuma, at his full potential, who performed the Shun Goku Satsu on his soul in a fight to the death. Goutetsu gladly died, happy to see that his student surpassed him in the art. The prayer beads that Akuma wears originally belonged to Goutetsu.

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