Gender Female
Race Human
Birth date October 5
Birth place Germany Germany

Status Alive
Fighting style Jeet Kune Do
Weapon Mini-Rocket Launcher

Greta Streit is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Dragon Fighter III. She is an agent of Delta Red and the highly intelligent daughter of a scientific inventor, whose inventions she has modified into weapons for her own use.



She is a Marine enrolled university student with a major in robotics engineering and an interest in martial arts. She is so interested and enchanted about Mech Honda project.

A clever girl, Greta is also very friendly in spite of her family's background. Strangely, she still remains calm, mild, and childlike even with her extensive military experience. She always thinks optimistically.

Her peculiarity is wielding a mini-rocket launcher and shoeing a pair of roller skates during fights.

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