Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date December 23
Birth place USA United States of America

Status Alive
Fighting style Military Martial Arts, Shido-Kan Karate and Amateur Wrestling
Ki power Light and Wind

Guile is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in the original Dragon Fighter. He is a major in the United States Air Force who is seeking to avenge the death of his friend Charlie Nash at the hands of M. Bison.



Guile's overall appearance was modeled after Rudol von Stroheim, a character from the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Guile is a tough man, both physically and mentally, who takes pride in family, and is a loving husband and father to his family. A stoic man at heart, Guile's calm and emotionless exterior actually hides the rage within him after Charlie's death. Although loyal to the military and the United States, Guile is extremely persistent. He is so driven to find out who betrayed him in the jungles of Thailand, and to try and get at M. Bison, that he would even put that over his duties with both his family and the Air Force.

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