Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date November 13
Birth place Tukrey Turkey

Status Alive
Fighting style Turkish Oil Wrestling

Hakan is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Super Dragon Fighter V. He is a Turkish oil wrestler and devoted family man.



Hakan was created specifically to be "something that was never seen in a Street Fighter game before" (just like Cyber Zangief and Mech Honda). The creators searched for an interesting new fighting style on websites such as YouTube to come up with a new off-the-wall character akin to Blanka or Dhalsim.


Hakan has a very strong belief that his own fighting style is the best in the world. He also has mixed regard depending on what fighter he has fought. Some like Ryu, Gouken, Zangief, Azam and Dhalsim he holds in high regard, but others like Rufus, El Fuerte and Adon holds with low regard, and he also responds to evil characters quite harshly (he even considers Cody an evil person because of his prison uniform). He loves his family above all else, even Turkish Oil Wrestling.

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