Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date May 19
Birth place Germany Germany

Status Alive
Fighting style Pro Wrestling

Hugo Andore is a video game character who debuted in the beat-em-up series Final Fight before appearing as a playable character in the Dragon Fighter series, starting with Dragon Fighter IV. He is a professional wrestler, managed by long-time friend Poison and former member of the Mad Gear Gang.



Hugo's design is a homage to famed real-life wrestler André the Giant, as is those of the entire Andore family of enemies (likely intended to be named Andre).

Minor inspirations also appear to be taken from professional veteran weightlifter and actor Lou Ferrigno, who portrayed The Incredible Hulk in the 1970s and was the central character of the deathmatch martial art film series Cage.


Hugo is often depicted as somewhat typical "dumb muscle", being quite unintelligent and dim-witted; this is somewhat accentuated by his odd facial expressions, and he even occasionally acknowledges this. However, he is very short-tempered and will make any excuse to get into a fight, especially if he or his best friend Poison is insulted in any form. Hugo also takes a lot of pride in his size, strength and extremely muscular build, to the point that he often claims to barely feel most attacks as a taunt of sorts.

He has also a fixation on potatoes which are symbol of strength and manhood, as his mother had inspired him to "grow like a potato" in childhood.

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