Jerry Jr.
Gender Male
Race Mutant Clone
Birth date June 6
Birth place X SBLab X SBLab

Status Alive
Fighting style Shoot Boxing
Ki power Electricity

Jerry Jr. is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Dragon Fighter III.



Jerry Jr. is a clone of Goutetsu created by Dr. Uycoco in the X SBLab. When this center passed into the hands of the Illuminati Organization, he managed to escape creating an identity of pop star.

His record company, unaware of who he really is, gave him the name of art "Jerry Jr." in honour of "Mr. Gerard", a famous singer died shortly before. In addition, he has two musicians, Momiji on keyboards and Nezumi on drums, while he play guitar. These two musician, in truth, are sent by Dr. Uycoco to bodyguarding him.

His right arm is polymorphic probably due to some slight inaccuracies during his cloning. He is also characterized by a facial hair growing in a complex pattern, with two zig-zagging strands from his eyebrows to his hair, and thin sideburns, spreading at the edge of the middle of his jaw.

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