Gender Male
Race Supernatural Being
Birth date Unknown
Birth place China


Status Alive
Fighting style Choy Li Fut and Nan Long Quan
Ki power Earth and Weather

Juxing is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as non-playable final boss character in Dragon Fighter VI, then as unlockable final boss in Dragon Fighter VI: Great Honor. He is the embodiment of the Yellow Dragon.



The creators wanted to introduce a divine entity with common human appearances (just like Ingrid).

His design is strongly inspired by Son Goku from Dragon Ball series in his Super Saiyan transformation.


With a karate-like warrior appearance, he is a nice and easy-going person. He had been lain into a dragon statue in a underground hall under a temple on a mountain until Heihachi freed him to increase his own powers. After his deliverance, Juxing managed to escape. Now Retsu and Chizuru are looking for him to enclose him again into the statue to avoid that Heihachi catch him increasing his dangerous powers. The Chiese word "Juxing" (巨星) means "Supergiant Star".

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