Gender Female
Race Human
Birth date Unknown
Birth place Japan Japan

Status Alive
Fighting style Ninjutsu and Tonfajutsu
Ki power Drowsiness
Weapon Tonfa

Kotakage is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Dragon Fighter II Turbo. The second female fighter in the series, she is a mysterious but likeable kunoichi.



In her very early design she had an manga/anime-like appearance, the classical Japanes woman with occidental traits. Later Capcom decided to give her a more oriental appearance. However her design reminds manga/anime features.

Kotakage become, due to her sex appeal, one of the most popular, recognizable and celebrated female characters of the fighting game genre and video gaming in general, especially in East Asian countries. She has also become Capcom's primary sex symbol.

Kotakage is one of the female characters of this saga involved in the "Dragon Fighter and Fatal Fury back and forth".


Kotakage is a strong, pretty (and busty) kunoichi, she wears skimpy ninja attire and a hannya mask which covers her eyes.

She is a little absent-minded but much smart and perspicacious. She doesn't make use of her beauty even if so attractive.

Despite she is a nice and easy-going character, she is wrapped in a mystery aura. For example in all the Dragon Fighter series her eyes has never been revealed as well as the name of her ninja clan. The only fact known about her ninja clan is being an ancient rival of a clan of Buddhist monks to whom Retsu belongs. Also probable connections with other ninja characters of the franchise (Geki, Vega, Guy and Ibuki) are unknown. In addition, in Dragon Fighter II Turbo and Dragon Fighter II Hyper Fighting, she is the only default character with with an alter-ego as mid-boss.

The reason about her mask wearing is not expained during the series but among the fans have been born many theories. The most interesting one tells that she'd be blind, or even that the around-eye region would be disfigured by scars or burns. Obviously this has been never confirmed by Capcom.

Her great power is stunning, hypnotizing and falling asleep the opponent with the help of a hot-pink shining powder emanated during her attacks. She also can spit this powder directly in the opponent's face.

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