Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date March 10
Birth place Mongolia Mongolia

Status Alive
Fighting style Tang Lang Quan and She Quan with Ansatsuken techniques

Lau is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as non-playable character in Fighting Fist, then as playable character in the original Dragon Fighter. He is an aging Chinese martial arts master and former legendary assassin.



Lau was known as one of the legends of martial arts, supposedly being the "man who killed hundreds". He was not only a great martial artist, but a legendary assassin, said to be invincible. Lau is also Dorai and Chun-Li's master. Lau also owned a restaurant called Genhanten in Sendai, Japan where he met Ryu for the first time.

Now he secretly works as agent for the Japanese government to analyzing and copying skills of other fighters.


Lau is a silent, precise and wise man who takes fighting very seriously and prefers to take on formidable, honorable warriors. Elderly though he is, Lau's temperament is extremely sharp, his speech patterned with a weathered and biting coarseness. With a tendency to muse over death, he is also not hesitant to speak of such dark matters regarding the inevitable passing of all things, especially to those that walk the path of a fighter, since he seeks to die as he has lived: fighting.

Despite being a powerful assassin in the past, and a legend in the Chinese underworld, Lau follows a code and has benevolent intentions, as he never imposes his power over those who cannot fight, nor does he kill the defenseless.

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