Mech Honda
Gender Male
Race Cyborg
Birth date June 1 (manufacturing date)
Birth place Shadaloo Shadaloo

Status Alive
Fighting style Greco-Roman Wrestling and Japanese Sumo Wrestling

Mech Honda is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as hidden character in Dragon Fighter III. He is the cyber-clone of E. Honda created by Shadaloo specifically to combat him.



In Dragon Fighter II: The World Warrior, at the beginning, developers wanted to create a cyborg sumo wrestler, discarded the idea wanted to create a South American sumo wrestler, but in the end they created E. Honda, a Japanese sumo wrestler character recognizable by Americans and popular in Japan.

But the first two ideas weren't binned, in fact in Dragon Fighter III was introduced Mech Honda, a cyber version of E. Honda. Developers, satisfied with the result, wanted to create created also a cyber version of Skullomania but this idea was binned.

In Dragon Fighter II Hyper Fighting realized also the second discarded idea creating a female version of this, Mercedes, a Venezuelan sumo wrestler.

Mech Honda (where the prefix "mech" comes from the word "mecha" which refers to both scientific ideas and science fiction genres that centers on robots or machines controlled by people) is the opposite of Honda.

E. Honda, even if he is not a parody or joke character but is an onorable Sumo fighter, is a likeable, nice and easy-going character with just little comic relief (for example his attitude for kabuki dance).

Mech Honda instead is a ruthless fighting machine without feelings and emotions.

E. Honda and Mech Honda are neither as palette-swap nor as alter-ego but are two different character in its own right.


Mech Honda is not able to nether feel emotions nor speaking, in fact he just emits verses during fights and win poses.

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