Gender Female
Race Human
Birth date December 9
Birth place Venezuela Venezuela

Status Alive
Fighting style Japanese Sumo Wrestling

Mercedes is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Dragon Fighter II Hyper Fighting. She is a Native Venezuelan Sumo Wrestler who seeks revenge for the death of her master, Harimaoh, killed by Samemaru during a ruthless fight.



In Dragon Fighter II: The World Warrior, at the beginning, developers wanted to create a cyborg sumo wrestler, discarded the idea wanted to create a South American sumo wrestler, but in the end they created E. Honda, a Japanese sumo wrestler character recognizable by Americans and popular in Japan.

But the first two ideas weren't binned, in fact in Dragon Fighter III was introduced Mech Honda, a cyber version of E. Honda. Developers, satisfied with the result, wanted to create created also a cyber version of Skullomania but this idea was binned.

In Dragon Fighter II Hyper Fighting realized also the second discarded idea creating a female version of this, Mercedes, a Venezuelan sumo wrestler.


Mercedes is a young Native Venezuelan woman who learned the art of Sumo by Harimaoh.

After a match against Samemaru, he succumbed. Now Mercedes is looking for the "Judo Genius" to avenge her master.

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