Gender Male
Race Genetically Modified Human
Birth date April 10
Birth place China


Status Alive
Fighting style Shuizhe Quan
Weapon Pillow

Metenkun is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Dragon Fighter VI: Great Honor. He is a sleepy young fighter working for Shadaloo.



Metenkun was Shun-Tao's student until Illuminati Organization, believing that he was one of the "chosens" for Gill, kidnapped him mutating him genetically. Afterwards Illuminati discovered that Laowukun wasn't a chosen so they left him in a tip. After two months he was found by some Shadaloo soldier and, seeing thet he is a great fighter, M. Bison has decided that now Metenkun works for him.

Genetic changes make Laowukun constantly sleepy.


Metenkun is a heavy sleeper who is very carefree and calm. He rarely exerts himself, often preferring to nap instead. Despite his behavior, he cares deeply for his Shadaloo task in fact he's a brilliant strong fighter and often wins.

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