Gender Female
Race Human (with Ancient Demonic Descent)
Birth date November 28
Birth place Japan Japan

Status Alive
Fighting style Gensei-Ryu Karate
Ki power Flora

Momiji is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as hidden character in Dragon Fighter III.



Momiji was created to introduce a "bombshell" into the series, at first she was supposed to be a Ganguro, subsequently for her has been chosen a design inspired by the actress and singer Marilyn Monroe.

She has been defined "Westerly Japanese Woman". In fighting games, most of the female characters coming from the Far East have a main overall design which emphasizes their ethnic origins wearing traditional costumes, martial arts outfits or pouplar culture suits (like school uniforms). Momiji instead has a casual design without any reference to her origins. Most of her features remind much the Pin-up ones.


Momiji is sultry and curvy, before the fight, we see her flirting and teasing the enemy, and then to ridicule meeting ended with a coarse laugh and provocative moves. She is good soul person fighting for noble causes, so her bewitching and frivolous attitude doesn't hide an evil dual purpose but it's a simple and innocent way of being. For these reasons she can't be considered a femme fatale but just a bombshell.

Her representative color is red, in fact Momiji in Japanese means "red leaves" and indicates the leaves turned red in the autumn. This explains her love for the nature, specially autumn landscapes, in addition her birthday is during this season.


Momiji is a professional model born from a circus family. Secretly she belonged, as security guard, to the X SBLab, now belonging to Illuminati Organization.

When this center passed into the hands of Illuminati, the former boss ordered her to keep an eye on Jerry Jr., so now she is his keyboard player accompany him to all his tours.

Her family descends from a ilk of demons but is unknown if this ilk is related to the Ju Roku Hashira considering that they have different kind of powers. Momiji uses her demonic powers in some attack during fight, usually in these momets her right hand become a glowing blade and her vanilla blone hair assumes a dark purple color, after that her physical aspect returns to normal. During these moments seems that her demonic side wakes up in a conscious way having the full control of her demonic side.

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