Gender Female
Race Human
Birth date May 11
Birth place Thailand Thailand

Status Alive
Fighting style Ba Ji Quan

Naowarat is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Dragon Fighter VI: Great Honor's Revolution.



Naowarat is the younger daughter of an agent of RP5 with the task of with the task of investigating the Illuminati Organization but, at a certain point, he was considered useless for the syndicate and therefore dismissed. He he fell into a severe depression and disappeared one day, some people think he has retired spiritually to improve his skills.

For a long time Naowarat has been considered the daughter of the "poultice man" so, to claim the reputation of her father and her family, she has joined an organization, known as Neo Shadaloo, headed by Quentin.


Naowarat is the daughter of a family of martial artists, but is not very fond of violence. She never wants to hurt others, which is the probable reason why her father taught her the lighter side of Chinese Kenpo which suits her easygoing personality.

Naowarat is a calm and joyful girl, who was shaken by being abandoned by her family. She still has high hopes that her family will be united again.

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