Nousagi-Ryu Ninjutsu, literally "Hare Style Ninjutsu", is Geki's fighting style based on Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu.


This fighting style incorporates a blend of Ninjutsu, samurai style sword attacks derived from Kenjutsu and Battoujutsu, special stances, and supernatural moves.


There are many stances.

  • Meditation Stance: turning the back to his opponent and healings ownself.
  • Indian Stance: healing ownself while sitting Indian style.
  • Dragonfly: rotating the sword to levitate in midair.
  • Flea Stance: standing the sword by placing the tip into the ground and wrapping the hands and feet around the hilt.


Wielding the "Seikiba", there are many attacks that utilize it. Can be performed slashes with it, use it to impale his opponent, and rotate it in a windmill manner (can also used this method to fly). Another use of the sword is in "Harakiri" moves, where can be impaleed themself and/or his opponent with it, damaging both.

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