Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date August 13
Birth place Japan Japan

Status Deceased
Fighting style Aikido and Aiki-Jujutsu with Ansatsuken techniques

Raidou is a non-playable character in the Dragon Fighter series.

Raidou was born as the eldest son to the main family of the Mizukami Clan. He was praised at one time for his natural talent for the arts of Aikido and Aiki-Jujutsu. His father was the chief of the clan at the time.

As Raidou's training intensified, his father became uneasy with him. While Raidou's younger brother Noriyuki took the clan's principles as his own, Raidou's fighting style was only suited to murder his opponent. As the years went by into adulthood, Raidou critically injured every sparring partner he had with no remorse or restraint. Some of them wound up dead, causing his father to regret ever teaching him the highest skills of the Mizukami's teachings. Sensing a great darkness within Raidou, he feared that the path Raidou walked would lead the clan to its destruction. So he gave the title of chief ninja to Noriyuki and taught him the technique given once a generation from one clan chief to the next.

Raidou felt betrayed by his father, and never spoke to him for a time. When his father came to see him, Raidou let out a sinister laugh as his lips curled into a deformed smile. Crimson lightning made from his own evil Ki rode up and down his body as he left the Mizukami house. He hid his presence from the villagers as he departed, no longer a human to the clan, but a demon.

After leaving the clan, Raidou developed his uncanny ability to copy the skills and techniques of every warrior he had encountered. With it, he traveled and "stole" various techniques from various fighters, soon surpassing many other fighters.

After Noriyuki's marriage, Raidou raped his wife conceiving Hayate. One month after Raidou continued to travel the world, defeating fighters and stealing techniques and, wandering in a forest, was found and killed by Noriyuki.

Noriyuki grew up Hayate like his son but, when Hataye discovered the true identity of hi father, begun the Path of the Shura.

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