Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date June 7
Birth place United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Status Alive
Fighting style Kyokushin Karate and Military Martial Arts
Ki power Wind

Rashid is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing in Dragon Fighter VI. He is member of Delta Red aiming to thwart Shadaloo's attempt at world domination.



Rashid is described as an easy goer with a laid-back attitude, he has an affinity for any kind of the latest technology especially the internet as well as other new things. Though he is very relaxed, Rashid has a great thrist for adventure and will fly into any situation with reckless abandon.

He also likes to make friends with other people he meets and can be very very goofy.

Rashid is very intelligent, not only a whizz at computers and other technology but also when it comes to important matters.

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