Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date April 2
Birth place Japan Japan

Status Alive
Fighting style Shorinji Kempo with Ansatsuken techniques
Ki power Electricity
Weapon Shakujo

Retsu is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as non-playable character in Fighting Fist, then as playable character in the original Dragon Fighter.



Retsu belongs to an exorcist clan of Buddhist monks who are ancient rival of Kotakage's ninja clan.


His clan haunt the Ju Roku Hashira powers belonged by an human bloodline with a demonic gene with large superhuman powers. Because of this he is Chizuru's exorcist master as she want to free his master Heihachi from this power.

Character Relationships


  • Gouken: he is a friend of Retsu.
  • Chizuru: she is Retsu's exorcist student.


  • Kotakage: her ninja clan is an ancient rival of Retsu's monk one.
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