Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date November 15
Birth place USA United States of America

Status Alive
Fighting style Military Martial Arts and Eskrima
Weapon Baton

Rolento F. Schugerg is a video game character who debuted in the beat-em-up series Final Fight before appearing as a playable character in the Dragon Fighter series, starting with Dragon Fighter III as hidden character. He is a former member of the Mad Gear Gang, obsessed with turning Metro City into a military utopia.



Rolento's appearance appears to be heavily inspired by Colonel, a character in the famous manga and anime series, Fist of the North Star. His militaristic tendencies and actions, prior gang membership, and nationality may also derive from the ideas of extremist paramilitary and pro Militia Movement groups that have acted criminally in the United States, in light of Rolento's views currently acting independent of such motives and political stance.


Rolento can be described as a somewhat "twisted" (though very far from being evil) patriot, who consistently bases his entire life, dialogues and behaviors in the "strict military veteran" stereotype, with a rather fanatical zeal. He is often heard praising absolute order and discipline and despising any rebellious or "inadequate" behavior. Having fought in countless wars, particularly the Vietnam War, Rolento is an expert in guerrilla tactics, psychological warfare and weaponry such as knives and grenades, making him a dangerous ace-on-sleeve opponent.

His greatest dream is to build a utopia-style military nation, with himself as its supreme ruler; despite this, the people would ideally be happy, live their plain lives and have freedom to carve their own fates. Any form of violation against the people's rights (such as any dystopic or totalitarian regimen) would be ignoble in his world view.

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