Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date July 2
Birth place Thailand Thailand

Status Alive
Fighting style Muay Thai
Ki power Fire

Sagat is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as non-playable final boss character in Fighting Fist, then as playable final boss character in the original Dragon Fighter. He is the "Emperor of Muay Thai" and a former member of Shadaloo, where he acted as a personal bodyguard for M. Bison. The Thai word, sagat (สกัด), means "to intercept or to stop something from advancing". It can be interpreted to mean "guardian" or "protector".



Many Thais believe that Sagat is based on a real-life Muay Thai fighter named Sagat Petchyindee but this has never been confirmed.

Sagat's style was modeled after dramatic television kickboxing personalities, particularly that of Muay Thai/Thai. The central theme of Sagat's character is "tiger"; this is a likely reference to an old Muay Thai tale about the nicknamed Siamese Tiger King, who loved competing in Muay Thai and gained Burmese respect for his country after defeating multiple Burmese soldiers in back to back fights.

In the context of East Asian culture, the tiger and the dragon have often been considered as equally strong rivals, and are symbolic of many dualistic traits; the dragon is often associated with the heavens, the concept of spirit, things of yang affinity, and the eastern world, while the tiger is often associated with the earth, the concept of matter, things of yin affinity, and the western world. In addition, in martial arts, the dragon is symbolic of a 'soft' style and internal-based martial arts, whereas the tiger is symbolic of a 'hard' style and external-based martial arts. This makes his rivalry with Ryu (which means "dragon" in Japanese) especially notable.


Sagat encompasses a stereotypical "proud fighter" personality, since he is very powerful and strong-willed, as well as hard-working; he is dedicated in body and spirit to martial arts life. His uncommon physical appearance makes him menacing and downright unfriendly at first glance, which holds true to a certain extent.

In contrast to his initially violent and sometimes cruel nature, Sagat appreciates opponents that are worthy and of strong character, and greatly despises taking unfair or dishonest advantages in combat. His more honorable traits come to the forefront during his storyline development, and his pride gives way to an honesty of sorts similar to Ryu, his purpose now defined by the "heart of battle".

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