Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date January 3
Birth place Japan Japan

Status Alive
Fighting style Judo
Ki power Water

Samemaru, also known as the Judo Genius, is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as hidden character in Dragon Fighter II Hyper Fighting. He is former Olympic gold medalist for Judo with with immense physical strength, which is the only thing worth his pride.



The Japanese word "Same" (鮫), the prefix of his name, means "Shark", in fact He had a distinctive shark-like appearance, complete with pale, blue-grey skin. He also has gill-like facial markings under his eyes and sharp triangular teeth.

Capcom wanted to create a Japanese big man but with not the usual sumo skills.


Samemaru is taciturn and rarely displays much emotion. He is a perfectionist and proud of his ideals of Judo.

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