She Quan, also known as Snake Kung Fu, is a Chinese martial art which imitate the movements of snakes.


Northern Style

This style is based on whipping or rattling power which travels up the spine to the fingers, or in the case of the rattler, the body shake which travels down the spine to the tip of the tailbone. The ability to sinuously move, essentially by compressing one's stomach/abdominal muscles, is very important. Footing is quite grounded. The stancework is fluid in order to maximize the whipping potential of any movement. This necessitates building a strong spine to contain the power and strong fingers to convey the strike. Since breath is important to any movement of the spine and ribs, snake style is considered one of the main styles which eventually led to internal training.

Southern Style

This style was practiced at this temple, a refuge for the Henan Temple monks when that temple was destroyed. With them they brought all the martial arts knowledge they had.

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