To-Shin Do is a modernized version of Ninjutsu.


According to the To-Shin Do training workbook, Enlightened Self-Protection,[17] color belts focus on the following five areas:

  • grappling: throwing, choking, and joint-locking;
  • striking: kicking, and punching;
  • weapons: stick, blade, cord, and projectile;
  • application: handling multiple assailants and surprise attacks;
  • preservation: overcoming psychological intimidation or bullying.

Students practice striking against pads, targets, and instructors clad in protective armor. However, there is no sparring as seen in many other combat systems. And as found with ninjutsu, To-Shin Do does not include tournament competition in its training curriculum.

Once a student attains the rank of black belt, the following optional advanced courses are offered:

  • first-response emergency medical treatment;
  • methods for survival in hostile environments;
  • security protection for dignitaries;
  • law enforcement specialties;
  • intelligence gathering systems;
  • how to instruct classes and run a school;
  • classical Japanese weapons.
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