Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date July 29
Birth place USA United States of America

Status Alive
Fighting style Special Forces Training

Tom is a non-playable character in the Dragon Fighter series, who first appeared in Dragon Fighter IV. He is Alex's trainer and Patricia's father.


Tom is a veteran soldier whose fighting style is a mix of martial arts and military skills. Despite being a skilled soldier, he was forced to retire the military after a "certain incident" whose details are unknown. Afterwards he opened a training gym in New York. Regarding fellow servicemen Guile and Charlie, he has heard the two mentioned in his career, particularly the latter when it came to internal incidents.

Tom was a good friend of Alex's father, and when Alex's parents died, Tom took care of him. Seeing that Alex had talent for martial arts, Tom decided to train him. Alex trains daily at Tom's gym, and learned everything he knows about fighting from Tom.

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