Gender Male
Race Genetically Modified Human
Birth date Unknown
Birth place Greece Greece

Status Alive
Fighting style Pankration
Ki power Earth, Electricity and Metal

Urien is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as unlockable sub-boss in Dragon Fighter IV. He is a ruthless former disciple of the Illuminati Organization, resenting the supremacy that the organization entrusted to his malevolent older brother, Gill.



Urien's design draws on his relationship to Gill: if Gill can be compared to Jesus of Nazareth, Urien can be considered Judas Iscariot, whom his title even references.

Like Gill, Urien shares a few inspirations with him, being based on Yuda from Fist of the North Star and the Pillar Men from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

His Roman based attacks and imagery also invokes the familiarity to the infamous Roman Emperor Caligula; not only given names potentially rife for ridicule, but also to their emotional instability, as Caligula grew to be known as an insane, fiendish, scandalous, vituperative, indulgent and abusive tyrant to his peers and the populace, claiming himself as the incarnation of Jupiter to having at one point forcibly thrown a section of a crowd into a pit of carnivorous animals for his amusement. On a minor note, Roman statues were often colored than the common thought of them being plainly white, as the Romans saw the plain marble as the statues being tastelessly lifeless, while Roman political culture often perceives insanity as one aspect of poor government.


Urien's personality can be best described as tyrannical and authoritative, much in contrast with the benevolent and compassionate nature of his brother Gill (Though in reality Gill's far from a good person and is quite fanatical).

Urien also renounces any noble traits and elements associated with leadership, regarding them as worthless, and instead seeks fear and subjugation through his reign, much like a despotic, oppressive, totalitarian, and domineering tyrant.

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