Gender Male
Race Human
Birth date October 12
Birth place Australia Australia

Status Alive
Fighting style Enshin Kaikan and Hankido

Vito Sunwoo is a video game character of the Dragon Fighter series, first appearing as hidden character in Dragon Fighter III. He is an Australian teen-ager fighter seeking revenge for the murder of his father and the kidnapping of his mother by Illuminati Organization, he also an huge fan of Chowa.



Vito is a racially mixed teen-ager boy, his father was a South Korean lawyer and his mother is a Filipino researcher in Biomedical Engineering formerly working for the X SBLab, now now belonging to the Illuminati Organization. Her mother now is forced by Illuminati to work for them and his father was killed trying to save his wife.

He aspires to become an agent of Resurrected Pearl Number 5, so he trains hard every day. He is a huge fan of Chowa and he has a crush for Nanase.

He is a calm and confident person, but a raging but wounded soul is lying behind. Since the death of his father and the kidnapping of his mother, he has had a great desire for revenge.

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